What's new in Solfej v1.3

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Shayan Javadi

Dec 2 - 4 min read

Solfej version 1.3.0 is out today 🎉!

Version 1.3.0 is changes based on the beta users feedback (Thank you to everyone who tried the app and gave feedback ❤️. Doubly thank you if it was on Canny.io ).

This version includes interactive lesson examples, revised lessons, 3 brand new lessons, couple of bug fixes, and many general improvements. Read on for the full details!

Make sure to sign up for early access if you haven't already!

Interactive Lesson Examples

Interactive music theory lessons was one of the most requested features. I've added audible examples to almost every music theory lesson.

On top of that I've also added an interactive piano roll to some of the lessons. This is to help visualize the concepts.

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Revised Lessons

As most of you noticed the lesson plan (specially the music theory) was at a primal stage. The new update aims to fix that.

I've fixed spelling and grammar issues for each lesson. Some of the lessons included inaccuracies. Those are fixed as well.

I've also moved around some of the lessons. This is to ensure that the lesson paths makes sense, and concepts are introduced in the right order.

P.S. feel free to drop me a line if you see any issues with the text!

New Lessons

There's 3 brand new music theory lessons!

One titled "Sharps & Flats" the other 2 "Turning Music Theory Into Music", and "The Major Scale".

Make sure to check them out!

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Push Notifications

You now have the power to allow us to send you helpful reminders! You will get a prompt once you open the app after updating.

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Bug Fixes

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