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Want to learn about a scale? Scale Search shows you audible examples, notes, intervals, chords, formula, and guitar/piano fingerings that go along with each scale. Just type in a scale name or notes to get started.

💡Tip: You can find a scale by typing in its notes seperated by commas e.g. (C, E, G)
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Master Every Scale Imaginable

Search through 1000s of scales. Learn each scale's fingerings (guitar and piano), notes, intervals, formula, and chords that go along with it.

Hear Examples Of Each Scale

Hear what each scale sounds like through interactive examples

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Guitar Scale Diagrams

Learn how to play each scale on the guitar through simple fingering diagrams.

Piano Scale Fingerings

Learn how to play each scale on the piano through simple fingering diagrams.

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Notes, Intervals, And More!

Go deep on each scale's building blocks. Learn each scale's notes, intervals, chords, and more.